Karen E. McCormick
Certified Family Court Mediator
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Common issues in divorce mediation
Bring a measure of peace back into your life.

Common issues arising in Family Court mediation:

  • Who stays in the home
  • What will the children's schedules look like 
  • How will we divide our assets
  • How much child support is appropriate
  • How will a non-working spouse afford to live
  • What will we do about our debts
  • How will we divide college expenses for the children

 Do you really want a stranger deciding these issues for you?  Schedule your case for mediation now so that you may make the decisions which will determine your future!

Karen E. McCormick, PA
1110 Queensborough Blvd., Suite 103
Mt. Pleasant, SC  29464
(843) 216-0100
FAX (843) 216-0462
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